Welcome to Embracing Messiness!

I started Embracing Messiness in the Spring of 2014, after publishing As I Am and Scaling Life in 2011 and 2013, respectively. My husband, Patrick, and I set out to accomplish his dreams of playing in the NFL in the fall of 2011, dedicating our life to training and taking risks. I’m a planner – I love my lists and calendars so I’m learning constantly to let go and let God’s plan fall into place without worrying about, well, everything. When you’re in a business where things can change daily having any plans that get seen through is highly unlikely, but, of course I always try.

This is our story of embracing life’s uncertainties, trusting God’s plan and loving every moment we’re given.

We hope to inspire you, to show you how to never give up- that no struggle is too hard to overcome and no dream is too big.

At times it’s hard, most of the time it’s fun, but it’s ours, our lovely love story full of messiness- so buckle up and embrace the mess with us!

Grey to Blue Photography

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